Solierun FAQ

Get questions about our shopping, delivery, and furniture assembly services.

Questions and answers


When will you purchase my items? Upon payment Solierun will schedule the date to shop for your items.

Can I add or subtract from my shopping list? Yes, you can update your shopping list anytime before we purchase your items.

How does Solierun handle IKEA returns? Yes, well sort-of. We only handle returns when items are purchased through our Solierun service. We return items to IKEA on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Usually the day of return is a Tuesday. For information regarding IKEA’s return policy.


Can I request a delivery for the same day? Yes, if we have availability.

Which IKEA location does Solierun deliver from? We deliver from the IKEA's in Brooklyn, NY, Long Island, NY, Elizabeth, NJ and Paramus, NJ.

Say if I’m already at IKEA. Will Solierun pick me up? Yes, we will pick you up from any of the IKEA centers we service.

I have already purchased my items will Solierun meet me at the conveyer belt inside the store? Yes, we will meet you anywhere inside the IKEA store.

Do you deliver to buildings that have no elevators? Yes, there is a $10 fee for each flight after the 2nd flight.


Do I need to have tools and equipment available for the items I need assembled? No, Solierun assembly specialists come with their own tools and equipment.

Do you assemble other furniture besides IKEA? Yes we can assemble other furniture items that are not purchased from IKEA. The cost is still 30% of the item post tax. We require a copy of the receipt for each item needing assembly. We are still willing to work with you even if you don't have the receipt. 

Are there any additional fees for assembly services? We charge a $25 call out fee when we do not handle shopping or delivery for a customer.

General Questions

Is there an additional charge for scheduling a last minute Solierun Service? No, we do not charge for any last minute Solierun services.

We try to keep up with social networking mediums through Twitter and Facebook. Often times we tweet and facebook when we are at a specific IKEA location feel free to contact us with any request you may have. Follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

How do I make payment? Shopping services paid in advance through the Solierun website using your credit card, bank card or PayPal account. Assembly delivery services can be made through the website or in cash after services have been rendered.

Is Solierun affiliated with the IKEA store? No, Solierun is an independent delivery service and is not affiliated with IKEA in any way. IKEA is a registered trademark of inter-IKEA Systems B.V.

Is Solierun affiliated with Soliemoves? Yes, Solierun is affiliated with Soliemoves the tri-state lifestyle moving and delivery company.

Our Mission:
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We will set up your office furniture so you can get back to work.
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Not close to an Ikea. We will pick up and ship your furniture to any destination.
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Most people prefer Solierun as a delivery service for items they've just purchased from IKEA, Staples, Home Depot, and other retail stores.