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Send Solierun shopping

IKEA is well, shall we say very popular and where there is popularity there are crowds. Avoid the hassle of looking for aisles, bin numbers, and standing on long checkout lines. Send us a list of items you want, we’ll go and get them for you. Did you know many items for sale at the IKEA store cannot be purchased online? Then there is the matter of that pesky shipping & handling fee. Why wait to get your items when you can get them the same day they’re purchased. We deliver!

Cost: 10% of total purchase post tax

How sending Solierun shopping works:

  1. Create your list from IKEA’s website by using the Shopping List tool
  2. Select your preferred store location in the drop down box
  3. Enter in the send to e-mail address box 
  4. In the message text box include:
    1. Your name
    2. Additional services (assembly, installation, disassembly, etc),
    3. Date and time of service
    4. Contact info
  5. We will follow up with a quote & confirmation of scheduled services

Our Mission:
Solierun offers shopping services for busy people.
If you are far from an Ikea, Solierun will ship your furniture to you.
Do you know
Most people prefer Solierun as a delivery service for items they've just purchased from IKEA, Staples, Home Depot, and other retail stores.